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Thursday December 01 2022 

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G - Games   GS - Started   2PT - 2-Pointers Made   3PT - 3-Pointers Made   FTM - Free Throws Made   PF - Personal Fouls   PTS - Points   PPG - Points Per Game   PotG - Player of the Game  
Sam BentleyNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
Andrea DarotiNWBA Senior LeagueBromborough Bulldogs000000000
Valter FernandesNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
Shaun JamesNWBA Senior LeagueBromborough Bulldogs000000000
Jamie MattocksNWBA Senior LeagueBromborough Bulldogs000000000
Matthew MooreNWBA Senior LeagueBromborough Bulldogs000000000
1002Robert WallaceNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors10100022.00
1003Lucas PimparelNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s11010133.00
1004Jacob CrumpNWBA U18s LeagueWrexham Warriors U18s32223736020.01
1005William EllisNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s336006124.00
1006Tala StrachanNWBA U14s LeagueWrexham Raiders U14s325001103.30
1009Matt GambleNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors30201351.70
1012Martin RuddNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers40310392.30
1014Andy BanksNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers40100420.50
1016Ben ThomasNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers441913277919.80
1017Dan RuddNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers10110055.00
1017Daniel RuddNWBA U18s LeagueWrexham Warriors U18s32179336421.31
1018Matt PykeNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers20001610.50
1023Anton ChavdarovNWBA U14s LeagueWrexham Raiders U14s20000000.00
1025Rafal TylekNWBA U14s LeagueWrexham Warriors U14s11102144.01
1028Neil BilhamNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic10100022.00
1038Lucas FigueiredoNWBA U14s LeagueWrexham Warriors U14s11000200.00
1039Padraig DoyleNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic U16s206004126.00
1048Osian HanksNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s44115524210.52
1058Dan EvansNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic5532011147515.02
1069Jake HarrisonNWBA U18s LeagueWrexham Warriors U18s000000000
1071James MorgansNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1080Dan PartingtonNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers44130913358.81
1087Nikola MalinovNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s30100120.70
1088Eneye FateruNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s31190564314.30
1089Shaun LedbetterNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1099Robert MorgansNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1100Andy MorrisNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers30211582.70
1101Owyn RimmellNWBA U14s LeagueMold Magic Naw U14s33300062.00
1102Joshua HodgsonNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s205003105.00
1102Joshua HodgsonNWBA U18s LeagueWrexham Warriors U18s000000000
1107Stephen RobertsNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic30100120.70
1109Tyrese TaylorNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic U16s31000100.00
1125Aled Broadhurst-JonesNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors4316017338.31
1131Sam BoothNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du 16s33223655919.70
1131Sam BoothNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s20300263.00
1136Jack McCabeNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors11103055.00
1137Alex AckermanNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic U16s10000000.00
1147Callun AckermanNWBA U14s LeagueMold Magic Deg U14s32210572.30
1151David DurhamNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic41301471.80
1157Bruce CallcottNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1157Bruce Chen CalcottNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s337217217.02
1158Sebastian KuczynskiNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic10000100.00
1159Edward WilliamsNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic10000100.00
1160Jacob McCaughreyNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic U16s000000000

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