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Sunday December 03 2023 

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John FoxNWBA U14s LeagueCheshire Raptors U14s000000000
Beau MackinNWBA U14s LeagueCheshire Raptors U14s000000000
1002Rob WallaceNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors000000000
1005William EllisNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s218003168.00
1006Tala StrachanNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s20102042.00
1006Tala StrachanNWBA U14s LeagueWrexham Warriors U14s33400282.71
1009Matthew GambleNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors315057155.00
1012Martin RuddNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers10000000.00
1014Andy BanksNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers30010031.00
1016Ben ThomasNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers2158654020.00
1017Dan RuddNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers55914866813.61
1018Matt PykeNWBA Senior LeagueBromborough Bulldogs20021473.50
1023Anton ChavdarovNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s20000000.00
1025Rafal TylekNWBA U14s LeagueWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
1028Neil BilhamNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1039Padraig Doyle NWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s20000000.00
1048Ocean ScottNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s22145214522.52
1058Dan EvansNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic442106104812.00
1069Jake HarrisonNWBA U18s LeagueWrexham Warriors U18s1034302121.01
1080Dan PartingtonNWBA Senior LeaguePanthers327065206.70
1087Nikola MalinovNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s31401293.00
1088Eneye FateruNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s20100122110.50
1088Eneye FateruNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s11300366.00
1089Shaun LeadbetterNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic21102042.00
1093Dave EllisNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors000000000
1101Owyn RimellNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s406003123.00
1102Joshua HodgsonNWBA U18s LeagueWrexham Warriors U18s10000000.00
1109Tyrese TaylorNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s20120184.00
1125Aled Broadhurst-JonesNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors20301073.50
1128Julien LosteNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic3310016217.01
1131Sam BoothNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s44324468020.02
1131Sam BoothNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s000000000
1135Tomos WilliamsNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s000000000
1137Alex AckermanNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s40201251.30
1147Callum AckermanNWBA U14s LeagueWyddgrug Magic U14s4417023369.00
1151David DurhamNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic41200541.00
1158Sebastian KuczynskiNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1159Edward WilliamsNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1160Jacob McaughreyNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s000000000
1161Steffan WinrowNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s42173745012.50
1162Andrew BuckleyNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1169Mantas KazarenasNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors207001147.00
1175Steffan TattumNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1175Steffan TattumNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s22200514522.51
1187Tom GriffithsNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors000000000
1188Adam LLoydNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball000000000
1189Ben ScottNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball21000200.00
1191Harri BoothNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s44140012287.01
1198Elliot FurnivalNWBA U14s LeagueWyddgrug Magic U14s42300061.50
1199Joe RobinsonNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1205Alec DoyleNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball20000000.00
1207Beril AkadNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic42103412338.30
1208Oliver TillingNWBA U14s LeagueMold Magic U14s225000105.02
1209Wissam ElkakNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball5392510295.80
1215Joe HughesNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball52101730.60
1216Greg ShawNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic31202062.00
1218Daniel WilliamsNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s10200044.00
1219Alex JonesNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball310401124.00
1222Sion HodgsonNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1224Alex ChallenorNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball10000000.00
1225Tim DannNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball10000100.00
1226Niel GillardNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball5520101358316.63
1227Bryn ClarkNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s30100120.70
1228Rory WootonNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s21000000.00
1229Lewis EllamsNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors000000000
1233Lucas JonesNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s000000000
1236David ThomasNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball55821911418.20
1237Dominik BarbusNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s21400284.00
1237Dominlk BarbusNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s33152103712.30
1239Danielle EllamsNWBA U16s LeagueWrexham Warriors U16s20000000.00
1240Aaron De GuzmanNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball000000000
1241Aristottle De GuzmanNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball000000000
1242Jay ReboundNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball4110045246.00
1244Geriant LeicesterNWBA Senior LeagueMold Magic000000000
1245Daniel PriceNWBA U18s LeagueMold Magic U18s226060189.01
1249Dean WrigleyNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors405121153.80
1254Mantvydas DaniseviciusNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors542505115511.01
1255Alex RamsonNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Naw U16s316001124.00
1256Maria DomagalaNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s316012134.30
1256Maria DomagalaNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s000000000
1264Luke Sharland-WongNWBA Senior LeagueBrewers Basketball55210311459.01
1278Julius Sanches-SilvaNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors418316266.50
1281Dean CookeNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors10010133.00
1284Lukas KunikNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors55101014234.61
1285Russell BrookesNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors000000000
1291Richard ParkerNWBA Senior LeagueWrexham Warriors000000000
1316Simon JacksonNWBA Senior LeagueCheshire Raptors42200764711.81
1332Sion LlwydNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s40200341.00
1336Cian MorganNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s428014174.30
1336Cian MorganNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s10000100.00
1339Gruff AndersonNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s40000000.00
1341Evan AtkinsonNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s11000200.00
1343Elin EdwardsNWBA U14s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U14s416000123.00
1344Eric HarsuikerNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s11000500.00
1351Morgan RowlandsNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Gwyn U16s30100120.70
1357Jack DavittNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s30200041.30
1359Hari SpencerNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s415001102.50
1360Tomas SpencerNWBA U16s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon Du U16s4213004266.50
1360Tomos SpencerNWBA U18s LeagueDreigiau Caernarfon U18s000000000
1363Tobi Kadelka-WilliamsNWBA U16s LeagueMold Magic Wyth U16s4215043348.51

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